SLV Comiskey provides a cross section of skills, appropriate to Agribusiness Consultancy.
Corporate Strategy & Development Specialist
Strong skills in researching and then formulating pathways for adoption of new business opportunities, commensurate with the objectives of the client. Recognised ability to provide sound and adoptable solutions to clients.

Business “Trouble shooting”
Unique ability to understanding business and farming operations from both an operational and farming viewpoint, so as to identify strategies to improve financial performance / business sustainability.

Strong Orientations in Operations and Finance
Extensive experience in financial analysis and modeling for individual and whole of chain clients. Practical small and medium business financial analysis and reporting.

Mentor and Leverage Human Capital
Excellent skills in team building, in addition to identification of optimization strategies for human capital. Strong ability to mentor and lead teams.

Research, Written & Verbal Communication Capability
Core skill of listening and understanding issues of clients, and through research, strategy development and modeling provide written and verbal solutions / strategies at all levels of the supply chain and all levels of government.

Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestments
Provision of advice to clients and facilitation of mergers, acquisitions and divestments on their behalf. Significant expertise in the development of extensive Information Memorandum.

Agribusiness networks knowledge
Core knowledge of contact networks across the horticultural sector, in particular, but also well developed in other sectors.

Passion and Empathy
Demonstrable passion for improving the financial and social capital of every client.