2014 September 17

$3B Chinese funds for investment into Australia

Australia can not be the ‘food bowl of Asia’: Joyce

Australian dairy still at a disadvantage in China

Bullish outlook for macadamia industry

China beef demand to increase 6 fold in next 2
decades: Industry expert

Concerns from some about Saudi ESCAS exemption

Concerns over McDonalds phase out of caged eggs

Country kids born to be CEO’s

CSG puts their case

Dairy farm productivity up 1.6% each year the last 3

Dairy processing must achieve scale efficiencies:
Leading international processor

Deloitte weekly agricultural roundup

Don’t be a loyal shopper: Industry research

Elders pays down debt, raises equity

Exporters unlikely to be able to fully supply Indo in
4th quarter

Food suppliers discuss their successful business

Harris Farm to sell imperfect fruit & vegetables

HSBC analyses long term commodity trends

Innovative approach to dried fruit industry

Lower exchange rate good news for exporters

Mixed views in Victoria on RET

NT barramundi farm doubles in size

Online Qld tools for agricultural investment

Bank weekly newsletter and commentary

Vic canola still above average, prices a major concern

WA celery exporter wants protocol revisited

World grain prices at lowest levels in 4 years